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Meet Mo

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

After years of feeling like I was living in someone else’s body, it was time to take life and fitness into my own hands. For a concentrated 7-month period, I researched nutrition and fitness and completely changed up my lifestyle and lost 80 pounds on my own. My personal journey led to the birth of Team No Excuses LLC. I wanted to take what I had struggled to find and make it available for hardworking women, wives and mothers like myself. Team No Excuses has grown from small group classes for women to a full-service resource for fitness and nutrition, servicing both men and women in over 30 states.


I’ve been doing personal training with owner Monique for almost 2 years and I LOVE the program. Monique is an amazing trainer. What I like is her passion for you to meet your fitness goals. She also pushes you during your workouts and provides extensive knowledge on how to achieve your goals when you aren’t in the gym with her.

— Christina Davis

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