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Business Marketing Consulting


per hour


My business marketing consulting approach is one of true partnership and total support. When I offer solutions to your business challenges, I work side by side with you as the owner, as well as with your team. I ensure that all solutions are fully supported, implemented, and running smoothly.
During the marketing consulting project, I will train and coach you on how to take ownership of problems, provide fixes, optimize processes, and to understand long term profitability and success.
The goal with me as your business marketing consultant is to increase your profitability and cash flow.

•Branding Strategy
•Market Research
•Competitive Analysis
•Go To Market Strategies
•Market Penetration
•Tactical Execution
•Marketing Materials

Certified Life Coach


per hour


Life coaching is a gradual process, whereby a life coach helps someone to dig beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs and helps them understand internal obstacles to their success and wellbeing.
A life coach helps people examine different thoughts within their psyche and helps them analyze what is important to them. While the client will make all the final decisions on their own, a life coach can help them clarify issues.
Increasing levels of stress are currently taking their toll on work performance and job satisfaction, relationships, finance, and general wellbeing. We may feel lost or bewildered or may simply be living life on a day-to-day basis. It is not always practical or effective to seek guidance from loved ones, even though they may have your best interests at heart. A life coach is trained to help people upgrade their lives.

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